Thoander Drurananth

Thoander is a stout, odd-looking Dwarf.


Thoander is one of the founding members of Stalwart Blade Mercenary Company. He was the fifth son of a minor noble from Nodanth within the Itona Mountain Range. After leaving his family, Thoander moved from mercenary group to mercenary group before finally being recruited by Siala to form the Stalwart Blades.

Thoander is tall for a Dwarf, standing at 4’10". His hair is cut close, save for a long, thin braid that begins at his right temple and hangs past his shoulder, adorned with colored beads. His beard is meticulously groomed, but kept shorter than more dwarves consider to be the norm. He wears a mithril chain shirt underneath a leather duster with the sleeves removed. A pair of twin Dwarven Waraxes hang at his belt.


Thoander Drurananth

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