A strange Gnome Summoner


Wrenn is one of the strangest members of the Stalwart Blades. He was a companion of Siala’s during her travels before the formation of the Stalwart Blades, and after their paths crossed again, the Gnome decided that a mercenary company would lead to the excitement he desired. He is almost never without his Eidolon.

The creature is unlike any other, yet still familiar in many ways. At a glance, the beast could be confused for a small silver dragon, with it’s silver scales and large wings. Closer examination however shows that it is as much unlike a dragon as it is alike. The creature is shaped and moves like a panther. It’s yellow eyes take in everything and it always appears relaxed, but ready to pounce at Wrenn’s command. Wrenn quite often uses hie Eidolon as a mount, soaring through the air above, surveying the scenes below.

Wrenn’s appearance is not as unique as many of his race. His skin is a dark tanned color, his eyes a brilliant green and his hair the color for the forest foliage. The glowing rune upon his forehead is twinned on his Eidolon.



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