Before the rapid expansion of Malivas, Actaron controlled much of the northern portion of Elaesif. It was a powerful nation of hardy warriors and skilled spellcasters. It was a nation that demanded respect, stretching from the coast to the great Talos Mountain range. Bordered only by Ugana and Lunport to the south, it had little to fear. It’s massive coastline had lent itself to a great fishing industry that was greatly diminished when Malivas invaded.

Today, Actaron is still a strong nation, though much weaker than the Actaron of old. The ruling bloodline has been in control of the nation for nearly one hundred generations and the various races within the country live in peace with one another, recognizing that a greater threat lives just across the border.

Every citizen is required to serve a minimum of three years in the military, either as a soldier or a spellcaster. Many who are relieved of service in the military join city guards throughout the country. The most prestigious positions being in the Capital of Kyndale. The only citizens exempt from this are the clergy. Even so, many Paladins and Clerics still serve once their training within the temples is finished out of respect and duty to their nation. Actaron’s military is multi-racial and extremely regimented. At any given time, one quarter of the army is on active duty, ever vigilant should Malivas attack again.

All citizens of Actaron automatically treat Knowledge: History as a Class Skill. As part of their military training, Actari are instructed in the History of Elaesif. They study not just the battles of the past, but also political discussions, religious growth and decline, as well as national leaders and policy changes. If Knowledge: History is already a class skill, they instead gain a +2 bonus to Knowledge: History checks.

Actari speak common as their national language, while each race has their own racial language, including humans, who speak Actari.

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