The Capital city of Malivas. Better known as The Dark Citadel.

Government: Autocracy
Since his return from foreign lands nearly 200 years ago, Al’Iskam has ruled Malivas from Aeroch-Nor. Due to his evil influence, many have begun referring to the seat of power as “The Dark Citadel”.

Population: 29945

Captain of the Guard

Omotarn Low
Half-Orc Male
Fighter (17)

Omotarn is a filthy man. He is missing the last two fingers on his left hand. He is a gruff individual that is very difficult to reason with. He seems to be perpetually angry.

The City Guard

The city guard is made up of 246 full-time members and 1267 militia members.


Blacksmiths/Weapon & Armor Merchants
Copper Armament – owned by Keriann Nero
Smoky Iron – owned by Lum Finucane
Nyarl’s Armament – owned by Nyarl Corso
Fallat’s Axe – owned by Raorr Fallat
Blackened Sword – owned by Jarvis Troxell
Firey Tools – owned by Toreck Ednotrir

Magic Shops
Prine’s Items – owned by Mede Prine
Forgotten Artifact – owned by Sime Arsi
Cryptic Carpets – owned by Dynas Baumann

Scroll and Potion Shops
Forgotten Lore – owned by Rendar Hags
Tepke’s Concoctions – owned by Dor Tepke
Papyrus Balms – owned by Yvette Duff
Calabrese’s Cures – owned by Lin Calabrese

Eye-Appealing Jewel – owned by Amidee Dempsey
Gar’s Pearl – owned by Gar Liber
Splendid Present – owned by Changel Costanzo
Noble Phoenix – owned by Kither Zaccagnini
Glossy Obsidian – owned by Alper Bozich
Glowing Onyx – owned by Durga Klingensmith

Inns and Taverns
Darian’s Tavern – owned by Darian Bertolo
Lavish Wench – owned by Cowryn Azzara
Black Wine – owned by Calmert Dixon
Hrorolf’s Ox – owned by Grennel Hrorolf
Simple Tankard – owned by Greeves Demuth

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