The Capital city of Ugana.

Government: Mageocracy
The Mageocracy is made up of 13 members, ruled by the Archmage who is elected by the Council on a 3-year basis.

Population: 9870

Captain of the Guard

Pence Irminna
Half-Elf Male
Warrior (16)

Pence is a hard man. Half of his left ear is missing, undoubtly remove during a battle of some sort. As such he is short of temper and must often times be calmed by his personal assistant.

The City Guard

The city guard is made up of 98 full-time members and 395 militia members.


Blacksmiths/Weapon & Armor Merchants
Clever Blacksmith – owned by Herlew Dallatezze
Mithril Armament – owned by Anrod Ciocho

Magic Shops
Ebb’s Cloak – owned by Ebb Fair
Hero’s Conjuration – owned by Cobb Basa
Coluci’s Lore – owned by Calmert Coluci
Glistening Items – owned by Deraks Samstag

Scroll and Potion Shops
Sorcerer’s Scroll – owned by Magoun Lomicka
Secret Cures – owned by Lila Cirion
Alysan’s Cures – owned by Alysan McCoy
Noble Aid – owned by Aria Majewski
Leri’s Fancy – owned by Tella Leri
Unique Delicacies – owned by Ettard Dries

Majestic Opal – owned by Astra Gainer
Glossy Gift – owned by Halain Genchur
Alberston’s Accessories – owned by Elizar Alberston

Inns and Taverns
Common Lodge – owned by Quena Taurain
Juggling Hero – owned by Cae Kaun
Famed Hawk – owned by Bailey Fallon

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