Conham is the only nation on Elaesif that has not been detrimentally effected by the expansion of Malivas. Conham has always been separated from Malivas by Ugana, which has allowed it to advance as a much faster rate than the other nations of Elaesif. While the rest of the nations were entrenched in war, Conham survived as a supplier to Actaron, Lunport and Ugana. As such, Conham was able to advance as a industry nation rather than an nation at war. Conham is a nation of craftsmen. It’s weapons, armor and goods are sought after by all. The Capital City of Oakrest is a perfect example of this.

On top of their industrial prowess, Conham has one of the most impressive navies in all of Elaesif. Each race has contributed to the navy. The Elves with their light, fast ships and the Dwarves with their heavy iron battleships. There are even rumors that the races have banded together to attempt to craft a sort of airship that Conham could use to dominate the skies as well as the seas.

Each citizen of Conham has some tradeskill that they were raised with, trained from the age that they could hold the tools. Conhaman citizens pride themselves on what they can create and always try to better themselves. To this day Conham still supplies the other nations with goods so that they can focus their attention towards Malivas.

Each citizen of Conham gains a +2 bonus to one craft skill of their choice.

All the races of Conham speak their racial language as well as common, humans speak Conhaman.

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