Karth Oln

Karth Oln is a small village in the south-eastern cliffs of the Talos Mountains. It is located on a plateau near the northern terminus of the Fashwylt in Malivas. Its population consists of orcs, Malivasi humans, and Uganan humans and elves.

Just prior the the dissolving of the orc horde and the end of the great war, a group of orc warriors grew weary of being the puppets of the lich Al’Iskam. They defied the will of the demon, leaving the horde and fleeing into the mountains. Their intention was to set up a camp, hunker down, and prepare to defend themselves from the wrath of the demon. They called their camp Ixank, which comes from the orcish word for “resistance”.

Shortly after their desertion, however, the demon was slain. When news of the demon’s destruction reached Ixank, the orcs were faced with the problem of shaping their future. A few left to return across the sea to their homeland, but most chose to stay on the plateau and make a new home. As time progressed, other groups of refugees, seeking respite from the evil that plagues Malivas, were given the right to live in the growing village. Eventually, the elders decided to rename the village Karth Oln, which comes from the orc word for “sanctuary”.

The village is ruled by a council of elders. Originally, this was made up solely of orcs, but as more groups moved in, several humans have been selected to help lead. The commerce of the village is based mostly on hunting, foraging, and smithing. The village is largely self-sufficient. Occasionally, when supplies are needed. A group of villagers will caravan out to one of the larger settlements. Because of the general distrust of the orcs, the human and elven residents of Karth Oln handle the bulk of the trade.

Karth Oln

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