The Capital city of Actaron.

Government: Monarchy
The Alexandros line has ruled in Actaron for nearly one hundred generations. Their rule is unquestioned. It was their leadership that held the line against Malivas. The current King is Davon.

Population: 19955

Captain of the Guard

Loy Ionadi
Human Female
Warrior (15)

Since her husband’s death during a skirmish along the Malivas/Actaron border, Loy has become a rash, moody individual. She often blocks out what others are saying and steamrolls over them.

The City Guard

The city guard is made up of 320 full-time members and 2000 militia members.


Blacksmiths/Weapon & Armor Merchants
The Strong Axe – owned by Brueyan Admi
Mithril Shield – owned by Tabra Schlenke
Eidemiller’s Iron – owned by Aber Eidemiller
Merla’s Armament – owned by Merla Lyring
Electrum Anvil – owned by Devis Falvo
Duckstein’s Smithy – owned by Nira Duckstein
Denham’s Blacksmith – owned by Belinase Denham

Magic Shops
Celestial Enchantment – owned by Cerene Mocondil
Loremaster’s Wonders a – owned by Hrusk Hraki

Scroll and Potion Shops
Unending Fancy – owned by Silenna Tananya
Wizard’s Remedies – owned by Moenna Anulmil
Regina’s Ink – owned by Danly Regina
Sorani’s Spells -h1. Your title here… owned by Plunkett Sorani

Wace’s Present – owned by Wace Petrarca
Lordly Surprise – owned by Evaine Adli

Inns and Taverns
Genchur’s Dancer – owned by Gristla Genchur
The White Horse – owned by Changel Carfang
The Comfortable Cook – owned by Gascoyn Kauno
The King’s Cup – owned by Oreth Harissar

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