Of all the nations, beside Conham, Lunport was of the least changed in the war with Malivas. Even in that, it was cut to less than half of what it was before. Lunport had never been a military power, it’s nation being one of scholars and knowledge rather than one of conquest. The greatest minds of Elaesif have always been found within Lunport. Before the war, Lunport was completely cut off from Malivas by Ugana and Actaron. When Malivas invaded those nations and the borders shifted to the east, Lunport found itself now bordered by a hostile nation and the Council in Suundol began planning.

In response to the encroachment of Malivas, Lunport turned to planning. The hope of the nation was to not be absorbed into Malivas, but to survive as it was as much as possible. Lunport prided itself on it’s democratic government, led by a governing council rather than an autocracy. Lunport sent diplomats to Malivas in an attempt to make peace before war. The proceedings were vicious, eventually leading to Lunport conceding nearly sixty percent of its land to Malivas, but keeping it’s autonomy from the massive conqueror. Actaron and Ugana were opposed to Lunport’s actions at the beginning and had taken actions ensuring that should Lunport fall under attack, they would not provide aid.
Lunport survived the war never stepping foot on a battlefield. Malivas kept their word and Lunport was allowed to survive on and continue in it’s search for intelligence. It’s former allies eventually saw the wisdom in Lunport’s treaty and re-established their alliances.

Lunport citizens choose one knowledge skill as their area of focus and treat it as a class skill. Lunportan Bards are granted a +1 bonus to all knowledge skills.

Lunportan’s speak common as their national language, while each race has their own racial language, including humans, who also speak Lunportan.

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