Malivas use to be a small nation found to the west of the Talos Mountain range, protected by the natural wall it provided. For centuries, it dwelt there with little threat from the nations to the east. Malivas was a self-sufficient, productive nation that was content with what they had. That was until Al’Iskam took control.

Al’Iskam had been an adventurer who, along with a crew of like-minded individuals, had set out across the ocean in search of something more. What he brought back with him led to a coup that put him in control of the nation.

Al’Iskam returned from across the sea a powerful Necromancer. As well as his understanding of the necrotic arts, he also brought the Orc horde, under his control. Al’Iskam had forged a pact with a demon, and unlike so many others before him, he had managed to outsmart his partner in the deal. What the demon was unaware of at the time of the pact was that Al’Iskam had already begun his transformation towards a Lich, so the price of his soul was one he would not, or could not, pay. The blood-bond he held with the Orcs was an eternal bond of demonic origin. Combined with the undead armies that Al’Iskam and his followers had summoned and the Orc horde, Al’Iskam was nigh invincible.

With it’s fiendish armies, Malivas pushed east. First invading Ugana, as it’s borders were the nearest, short of crossing the Talos Mountains. There was no warning and Ugana quickly retreated. From there, Malivas spread over Elaesif like a plague. Only once the nations banded together were they able to hold Malivas back. As the war raged one, a group of adventurer’s set out from the allied nations to put an end to Al’Iskam’s power. They traveled across the sea to the land that had granted Malivar’s ruler his power, and through slaying the demon that forged the bond between Al’Iskam and the Orc horde, destroyed the magic that bound them. With the magic broken, the horde turned on it’s master, forcing Malivas to focus on inner turmoil. The war was ended, and the heroes never returned to Elaesif.

Since the end of the war, Malivas has remained mostly silent. There have been numerous skirmishes along the boarder, but no war since the dissolution of the Orc horde. Most of Malivas has been broken into sub-kingdoms, ruled by various factions. Rumor says that Al’Iskam still rules from his dark palace in the original capitol of Malivas, Aeroch-Nor.

Malivasi citizens all have Knowledge: Religion as a class skill. Due to the wandering undead within Malivas, much of it’s citizenry have spent at least some time of their life studying religion in hopes of better defending themselves within their own lands. If Knowledge: Religion is already a class skill, they instead gain a +2 bonus to Knowledge: Religion checks.

Malivasi speak common as their national language, while each race has their own racial language, including humans, who speak Malivasi.

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