The Capital city of Conham.

Government: Monarchy
The Teder line has ruled in Conham for three generations. They rule from Oakrest and their judgement is passed forth through the dukes and duchesses that rule throughout the land. The current king is Byron Teder.

Population: 19028

Captain of the Guard

Helain Sjoldar
Dwarf Female
Fighter (16)

Helain is a calm and collected individual. Unlike most of her race, she rarely partakes in alchohol. She is known to be rather overbearing and very difficult to say ‘no’ to.

The City Guard

The city guard is made up of 190 full-time members and 967 militia members.


Blacksmiths/Weapon & Armor Merchants
Voynan’s Blacksmith – Owned by Voynan Furnak
The Polished Axe – Owned by Amidee Denham
Ogmi’s Iron – Owned by Ogmi Gurart
The King’s Anvil – Owned by Magaera Valarion
Vauni’s Armor – Owned by Herra Vauni
The Platinum Hammer – Owned by Leigh Siper
Splendid Armament – Owned by Lin Bertolino

Magic Shops
Tantalin’s Items – Owned by Lei Tantalin
Wonderful Secret – Owned by Arlanna Súmë
Glistening Illusion – Owned by Magh Malazich
Arcane Creation – Owned by Many Loy

Scroll and Potion Shops
Jessup’s Ointments – Owned by Enide Jessup
Famed Fantasy – Owned by Wace Bertosh
Mystical Parchment – Owned by Ogmore Toleun
Secret Paper – Owned by Claudus Gerse
Germinnero’s Ink – Owned by Elizar Germinnero
Ardel’s Wonderful Cure-All – Owned by Ardel Panian

Handsome Jade – Owned by Jarri Redinger
Glistening Jewel – Owned by Hrottyr Gjul
The Queen’s Sapphire – Owned by Mara Herron

Inns and Taverns
The Flamboyant Devil – Owned by Nissa Reditch
The Famed Monkey – Owned by Gristla Jain
The Lavish Hawk – Owned by Dinadus Andil
The Distinguished Hero – Owned by Terai Atistill

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