The Capital city of Lunport.

Government: Oligarchy
The Suundol Council is the ruling group in Lunport. Each member of the council comes from one of the seven largest cities in Lunport, chosen by the ruling council in each city to serve.

Population: 5549

Captain of the Guard

Kae Diantoni
Half-Elf Male
Warrior (13)

Kae is an even-minded, cautious man. He is an investigator through-and-through. He never acts on instinct, preferring to have all the details before making a decision.

The City Guard

The city guard is made up of 80 full-time members and 150 militia members.


Blacksmiths/Weapon & Armor Merchants
General’s Anvil – owned by Kira Efkowitz

Magic Shops
Wizard’s Bow – owned by Florimel Itendálë

Scroll and Potion Shops
Mara’s Tool – owned by Mara Redish
Wonderful Fantasy – owned by Alhandra Odyssey
Mystical Remedies – owned by Londa Gibbons

Grand Diamond – owned by Maevis Davidson
Derke’s Gift – owned by Keriann Derke

Inns and Taverns
The Brave Sun – owned by Cae Tauno
Carfang’s Fire – owned by Larnork Carfang
The Benign Bard – owned by Bailey Thistle

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