Ugana was once a proud nation, home to many of the most powerful spellcasters in all of Elaesif. The magical prowess of the nation was ahead of any other and they used that to their advantage. However, in the years leading up to the invasion by Malivas, Ugana had grown complacent, confident that there was no nation that would attempt an attack for fear of what the Mage Guild would do to them.
Ugana was the first nation attacked by Malivas. The attack came hard and fast. Ugana’s mages were unable to repel the attack and we almost immediately forced back into the area that now makes up Ugana. As the nation retreated, the Mage’s Guild began planning. A new, extremely powerful spell was created. The original hope was to the able to cut off the Undead from their Lich master. When that failed, they instead turned to stopping the undead advance. That was when the wall was erected.
Along the entire western border of modern day Ugana is a magical barrier than prevents undead from crossing. With the undead useless against them, Ugana was able to focus it’s arcane might on the human and orc members of the attacking armies. The remaining forces were nearly useless against the constant assault of the superior magic power of Ugana. Though Ugana could now defeat Malivas’ remaining forces, they were unable to reclaim their previous territory, as that means crossing the wall and being subject to the merciless force of undead creatures on the other side.

Each Ugani citizen is granted a +2 bonus to Knowledge: Arcana checks due to their constant exposure to magic through all walks of life.

Ugani speak common as their national language, while each race has their own racial language, including humans, who speak Ugani.

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